Make Money
while Saving

Boosty offers the smartest way to
Grow and Automate your retail business
with our Energy kits + E-commerce app

What can Boosty
do for your Retail

Using our renewable Solar Powered Energy Kits,
we can reduce the energy needs of your business,
saving you money. You can also Generate more
Revenue by listing your business on our fast
moving, Multi-store E-commerce App. 

Solar Powered Energy Kit

When you register your store on the Boosty Retail App, you’ll gain access to our Solar Energy Kit, helping your business save money on energy usage. 

Fast Moving Multi-store E-commerce App

The Boosty Multi-Store E-commerce App, is a leading online store for businesses like yours. Improve your revenue generation instantly when you sign up!

Swift Same Day Delivery Service  

We boast the fastest delivery method throughout our network of community based delivery channels. We ensure swift deliveries, arriving in good condition.

Increase Your Revenue.
Sign Up on Boosty Retail  App.

Sharply Increase the revenue of your retail business. 


Save on
Energy Cost.
Reserve your own Energy kit.

Powered by the sun all day, remains on for
6 hours+ at night. 

Boosty Solar Energy Kit Plans

Mini Kit



  • 8 Energy Bulb
  • 1 Standing Fan
  • 1 TV
  • 1 DSTV
  • -
  • -
Step Up Kit



  • 10 Energy Bulb
  • 1 Standing Fan
  • 1 TV
  • 1 DSTV
  • 1 Small Fridge
  • -



  • 12 Energy Bulb
  • 1 Standing Fan
  • 1 TV
  • 1 DSTV
  • 1 Small Fridge
  • 1 Chest Freezer

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